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Reconciliation & Well-Being + Indigenous Well-Being

Reconciliation & Well-Being

We’re at a turning point in society where we are being called towards truth, reconciliation, justice, equity, diversity, and change.

This journey can feel overwhelming and dizzying especially for large organizations. Ther
e’s so much work to do…where does one even begin?

If you’re like many of the folks we've spoken to, you might even feel frozen in fear—afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing, leading you to take no action at all.

That is why  Ariana F
otinakis (decolonial business coach + breathwork facilitator) and The Mindful Managers have partnered up.

We designed this five part series to allow team members to connect with themselves and offer tools for holistic well-being—mind, body, emotion, and spirit—to equip them on their inner reconciliation journey, as every journey starts with the self.

Well-being and reconciliation go hand-in-hand as a rising tide lifts 
ALL canoes. Let’s ensure we all rise and thrive together.


Choose 5 of the 7 different topics to off your organization:


1. Truth Before Reconciliation*

2. Acknowledging the Land

3. Nervous System Capacity for Change

4. Spiral Into Collective Well-Being

5. Inner Reconcili-ACTION

6. Decolonizing Business**

7. Intergenerational Trauma in the Workplace**

*Required circle 
**Two new circle topics added




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Reconciliation & Well-Being
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Indigenous Well-Being

Indigenous peoples are being called towards intergenerational healing and reclaiming everything our ancestors were denied. 

We designed this series to allow folks to connect with themselves to understand their triggers, increase emotional regulation, and offer tools for holistic well-being (mind, body, emotion, spirit) to ensure each one of us can thrive on the path we’re on. We want to ensure folks are prepared for a marathon, not a sprint, so they can stay committed on their individual, community, and intergenerational well-being journey.

Series can be offered in 12, 6 or 4 parts. Topics include:

1. Intergenerational Trauma in the Workplace

2. Breath is Life

3. Disconnect to Reconnect

4. Indigenous Enough

5. Spiral Into Well-Being

6. Decolonizing Money Mindset 

7. Nervous System Regulation Tips & Tools

8. Recognizing and Navigating Burn-Out

9. Fall Equinox

10. Winter Solstice

11.  Spring Equinox

12 Summer Solstice 



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Relational Leadership

Relational Leadership

Cohort based: Frontline, mid, senior managers

Vanessa walks beside you and your leadership team as you commit to relational and
decolonial ways of leadership and business. By embedding reconciliation into your work culture it
will foster deeper connections with all team members and enhance holistic well-being enabling
every person to thrive in the workplace. This is a three part offering that is a blend of online and in-person circles.

Circle #1 - Locating self on the relational leadership journey (online) - includes a DISC personality assessment
Circle #2 - Relationships with team on the journey (online)
Circle #3 - Walking together on the journey (labyrinth team building experience - in person)

Intended for up to 12 frontline, mid or senior level managers/leaders.

Two hour Webinar

Join Vanessa for a 2 hour webinar on relational leadership. This session is interactive, engaging and informative. Learn about:

  • What relational leadership is

  • Compare relational leadership to scientific management or "Taylorism"

  • The connection to Indigenous ways of knowing and being

  • The benefits of relational leadership, why its needed and some ideas on how to become more relational

Intended for an online audience of up to a few hundred people.

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Vanessa speaking at the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club Speakers Series event.  Videography by Monnery Films.

Decolonizing Business Graphic White (1).png
Decolonizing Business

Offer#1 - Join Vanessa for a live 60min interactive session where we discuss what decolonizing is; look at Indigenous worldview and values; take a quick assessment to gain an understanding of how decolonized (or not) your current workplace is; and some ideas on how to become more decolonized. 

  • Online

  • Up to 50 participants 


FREE offer  - Register for the FREE Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Starter Pack by Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Within this microcredential course, one module will focus on decolonizing business. Co-created by Vanessa and a team of Indigenous women entrepreneurs. 



FREE offer - Check out the Decolonizing Business 101 Starter Guide co-created by Vanessa and a team of Indigenous women entrepreneurs. 


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Decolon Bus
"Indigenous Enough" - Circle* 

To anyone who has ever felt not quite "Indigenous enough" - this circle is for you

Not feeling "Indigenous enough" is a common experience for Indigenous folks across Turtle Island. This is a direct result of colonization and no fault of your own, your family or your ancestors.

If you are First Nations, Metis or Inuit and searching, questioning, learning, un-learning, craving for a sense of belonging or to be heard, seen or understood you are welcome to this circle.

Circles will be held monthly on the day before or the day of the new moon.

Open to all Indigenous people from Turtle Island  - Register on Eventbrite using button below. 



For inquiries to hold an "Indigenous Enough" circle at your organization contact us! 


*For Indigenous peoples only

Use the Contact Us form to book this service or check out our testimonials.

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