Vanessa's speech on spiritual leadership | Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club - May 2020


Vanessa uses the stage to engage her audience with thought provoking questions, heart centered messages and research based content.

Workplace topics include: workplace spirituality, leadership, and emotional intelligence.

Social justice topics include: Decolonizing business, residential schools, allyship, being "Indigenous enough"

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Credits include (in chronological order)...
  • HILTI North America
  • Toastmasters International Speaking competition  
  • Thinking Inside the Box
  • Kindness Matters Conference
  • Unfiltered with Chebs McFarlane
  • The LUVS podcast by Diana Firican
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Workplace spirituality is the untapped secret sauce for employee well-being and has the ability to positively transform and transcend organizational culture. Also, did you know that emotional intelligence is increasingly becoming one of the most in demand/critical skills for employees to have - especially for leaders? 
Providing workshops on:

  • Workplace spirituality 

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Leadership

  • Decolonizing business (coming soon!)

Clients include...
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Sharing Circle Discussion Groups

Workplace spirituality is about connection to self, others, nature, and a higher being. Strengthen the connections to others by having a sharing circle discussion. Connect in new, powerful ways. Team building. Have difficult conversations. Resolve conflict. Have people's voices equally heard. Strengthen team dynamics. 

If you're organization is interested in having their own circle discussion about workplace spirituality, contact Vanessa to help organize/facilitate 

"Indigenous Enough" - Monthly Circle 

To anyone who has ever felt not quite "Indigenous enough" - this circle is for you

Not feeling "Indigenous enough" is a common experience for Indigenous folks across Turtle Island. This is a direct result of colonization and no fault of your own, your family or your ancestors.

If you are First Nations, Metis or Inuit and searching, questioning, learning, un-learning, craving for a sense of belonging or to be heard, seen or understood you are welcome to this circle.

Circles will be held monthly on the day before or the day of the new moon.

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