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Book Vanessa (The Mindful Managers) for your next event, podcast or conference. Check out the following podcasts, webinars and articles she's been featured in. 

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Do you know what a labyrinth is?


If you think like I do, you might think it’s a type of maze. However, I learned that a labyrinth is entirely different because a maze is meant to get you lost, while a labyrinth is more like a path to help you get found.


For this episode, I am joined by Vanessa Lesperance, whom I have been acquainted with for a very long time already, but we only got the chance to really connect at a women’s retreat held by the Indigenous Women’s Business Network that I joined a few weeks ago.

Vanessa facilitated an exercise using a labyrinth; honestly, I didn’t get the point of the exercise at first, and I was a bit skeptical about it, But I always say try everything so I stick to my word.

As I engaged in the exercise, I trusted the process, and you know what? The craziest thing happened, and it was magical.


Tune in to this episode to learn all about VanCity Labyrinth and how my experience with it made a huge impact in my life and my healing, and how it can impact yours too!

Have you wondered what it looks like to decolonize business - even your own? Then you will appreciate this conversation with our guest, Vanessa Lesperance. 

Vanessa is a mixed heritage Métis woman who is originally from Treaty 1 territory (Winnipeg, MB). She is a facilitator, instructor at the Justice Institute (co-teaching on power and privilege), and a speaker.

After earning her master's degree in leadership from Royal Roads University with a focus on decolonizing business through workplace spirituality, she became interested in the potential benefits of labyrinths in the workplace.

Vanessa recently started Vancity Labyrinth where she combines the medicine of the labyrinth with the powe
r of sharing circles to offer her clients an ancient modality to create deep connections to self and others in the circle.

Some of her previous clients include Google, HILTI North America, TELUS and various school districts and universities. 

In addition, Vanessa works with Indigenous women entrepreneurs from across the country with the not-for-profit, The Indigenous LIFT Collective.

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Check out this article co-authored by Vanessa on leadership. Published in SAY Magazine. 

It is important to talk about decolonizing business because for too long Indigenous (and other oppressed groups) have been marginalized and pushed to the sidelines. It is time to decolonize and make room for other ways of knowing. It is time to de-center Western thought and give credit to Indigenous thought leaders and knowledge keepers in terms of well-being; interconnectedness; wealth distribution; mind/body/spirit connection; land stewardship; being in right relations; plus so much more.

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