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Mindful Breathing

Finger Labyrinth*

(*thanks to Mindfulness in the Class for this labyrinth)


Labyrinth instruction: "Choose a walking finger and breathe smoothly. As you trace the path (from the outside opening at the bottom to the center), move at whatever pace feels right for you. As you do so, you may opt to:

a. Quiet your mind

b. Pray for yourself or someone else

c. Keep a question in mind and feel the question using your emotions


At the center, pause and take several slow deep breathers (keeping your finger inside the center or place your hands comfortably on your lap). Here, many believe you are the closest to the center of your spirit and greater insight is available.

When ready to leave the center, or feel satisfied (like after eating a good meal) retrace the path back out to the entrance (which now becomes the exit point). Upon leaving the labyrinth, be grateful and thankful for the opportunity to bring divine strength and insight back with you into your daily life."

Printable finger labyrinth can be found here.

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